Meraki MR57



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Ultra High Performance Wi-Fi 6E wireless

The Cisco Meraki MR57 is a cloud-managed 4x4:4 802.11ax compatible access point that raises the bar for wireless performance and efficiency. Designed for next-generation deployments in offices, schools, hospitals, retail shops, and hotels, the MR57 offers high throughput, enterprise-grade security, and simple management. The MR57 provides a maximum of 8.35 Gbps* aggregate frame rate with concurrent 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6GHz radios. A dedicated third radio provides real-time WIDS/WIPS with automated RF optimization, and a fifth integrated IoT radio delivers Bluetooth scanning and beaconing. With the combination of cloud management, high-performance hardware, multiple radios, and advanced software features, the MR57 makes an outstanding platform for the most demanding of uses—including high-density deployments and bandwidth or performance-intensive applications like voice (Cisco WebEx) and high definition video.

Software configurable flex radio architecture for 6GHz support

MR57 supports a software defined flex radio which can be toggled between a 5GHz and 6GHz. This provides an option to operate MR57 in either a dual 5GHz configuration or a true tri-band configuration. Tri-band configuration unlocks the use of new spectrum in the 6GHz frequency range which provides additional channels to increase throughput and reduce interference and noise from legacy devices. 6GHz support ensures that the MR57 supports future technologies.

Support for dual Ethernet ports to enable high availability

MR57 will support dual 5 Gigabit mGig Ethernet ports for high availability or for link aggregation. These ports can also be used for power-sharing to power up the AP and fully support the required functionality. The secondary Ethernet port can also be used for power and data sharing* or in a high availability mode* for added resiliency.

Tri-band 802.11ax compatible access point with separate radios dedicated to security, RF management, and Bluetooth coupled with dual Ethernet ports and a USB port for added option to connect dual 5GHz radio for additional connectivity options.

Product Highlights

• 4x4:4 MU-MIMO 802.11ax

• 8.35 Gbps tri-radio aggregate frame rate

• 24x7 real-time WIDS/WIPS and spectrum analytics via dedicated third radio

• Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon and scanning radio

• Dual 5Gbps mGig ethernet port support

• USB 2.0 host interface (Type A connector) with 9.5W power budget

• Enhanced transmit power and receive sensitivity

• Full-time Wi-Fi location tracking via dedicated 3rd radio

• Integrated enterprise security and guest access

• Application-aware traffic shaping

• Optimized for voice and video

• Self-configuring, plug-and-play deployment

License Details

All Meraki products use the Meraki cloud for centralized management and control. The Meraki cloud is licensed on a “per device, per year” basis and is required for each device to operate. Licensing options may differ between products.

In addition to Meraki Cloud Access; license features include:

  • Lifetime* hardware warranty and advanced overnight replacement at no additional cost
  • Frequent Security and Firmware Upgrades
  • 24 x 7 Cisco Meraki Support

For further assistance or questions, please call 1-855-462-9434 to speak with a Rhino Networks Cisco Meraki Specialist.

*Excluding accessories (1YR), outdoor access points (1YR), security cameras (3YR or 5YR depending on model) and environmental sensors (3YR).


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