Meraki MV13



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The Meraki MV13 offers 8MP image quality and combines physical security and advanced analytics in a powerful yet compact fixed-lens mini dome form factor. With an edge architecture that minimizes physical infrastructure and software requirements, MV13 enables faster, easier deployments and greater scalability.

Security in high definition

The ultra-high-performance MV13 camera supports up to 4K resolution for high-definition video and with IR illumination, delivering the level of detail needed to stay on top of what matters the most.

Compact and easy to install, MV13 camera boasts a new universal mounting place compatible with various mounting accessories, delivering the right viewing angle wherever they are placed. MV13  cameras are ideal for monitoring entrances, exits, and the general perimeter from walls, ceilings, or corner-mount locations.

Using machine-learning-based computer vision, MV13 cameras can perform real-time object detection, classification, and tracking of people and vehicles, as well as attribute detection and search to increase safety and provide valuable insights into activity. These smart cameras deliver powerful business intelligence without compromising physical security.

Product Highlights

  • Fixed lens mini-dome camera with 8MP Image Sensor

  • Compact form factor with 101.3° horizontal FoV

  • More detailed information with up to 4K resolution

  • Low bandwidth Consumption for recording and streaming using Smartcodec encoding

  • Night vision with IR illumination up to 15m (49 ft)

  • Intelligent motion indexing with search engine

  • Built-in search tools like motion search, motion recap, motion heatmaps and Attribute Search.

  • Built-in analytics like Line Crossing, Area Occupancy, MV sense and Custom Computer-Vision capabilities

  • Machine-learning capability for intelligent object detection

  • Secure video access to ensure privacy with role-based user accounts

  • Cloud-augmented edge storage for minimal physical infrastructure

  • Built-in automatic security with secure boot and signed firmware, backed by a hardware security chip

  • Suitable for deployments of all sizes, from 1-10,000+ cameras

  • NDAA Compliant

License Details

All Meraki products use the Meraki cloud for centralized management and control. The Meraki cloud is licensed on a “per device, per year” basis and is required for each device to operate. Licensing options may differ between products.

In addition to Meraki Cloud Access; license features include:

  • Lifetime* hardware warranty and advanced overnight replacement at no additional cost
  • Frequent Security and Firmware Upgrades
  • 24 x 7 Cisco Meraki Support

For further assistance or questions, please call 1-855-462-9434 to speak with a Rhino Networks Cisco Meraki Specialist.

*Excluding accessories (1YR), outdoor access points (1YR), security cameras (3YR or 5YR depending on model) and environmental sensors (3YR).



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