Introducing the MV63 and MV93 Smart Cameras

By Casey Willis - September 14, 2022

Meraki has announced the new MV63 fixed-lens mini dome and MV93 fisheye series Meraki MV smart cameras. Together these cameras address critical safety and security challenges by extending visibility to more outdoor areas, and providing more flexible deployment options to ensure you can get the right angle shot for the coverage you need.  

MV63 – Security in ultra high-definition

The MV63 series are outdoor-rated fixed-lens mini dome cameras. It has up to 4K resolution, and provides the high level of detail needed for monitoring entrances and exits, while wide field of view provides good overall context of the scene. The MV63 series will be available in two models: 

  • MV63 with 4MP resolution and 256GB of storage
  • MV63X with 4K resolution and 1TB of storage


MV93 – See everything around every corner

The MV93 series are the first outdoor-rated fisheye cameras in the MV smart camera lineup.  With IR illumination and 360-degree field of view, they are ideal for providing wide coverage monitoring in areas like parking lots, convention centers, or large retail spaces—day and night. When paired with the new corner mount, MV93 enables visibility around every corner of a building. Like MV63, these new fisheyes will be available in two models: 

  • MV93 with 2112×2112 resolution and 256GB of storage 
  • MV93X with 2880×2880 resolution and 1TB of storage. 



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