Customer Success Story: NTT DATA

By Casey Willis - May 22, 2024

NTT DATA Corporation is a multinational information technology service and consulting company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, which currently serves 75% of the Fortune Global 100. They are committed to helping their clients innovate, optimize, and achieve sustainable deployment goals.

Creating a positive work environment for NTT DATA's own employees in also incredibly important to them. After consolidating it's ten regional offices down to two locations, NTT DATA set out to create an intelligent workspace that would promote innovation and collaboration between it's employees.


To accomplish these goals, NTT DATA wanted to define new approaches to hybrid work, combining both in-person and virtual collaboration. With their commitments to productivity, employee well-being, and sustainability, the solution also needed to create a modern work environment that would motivate employees to return to the office, optimize the use of space, and redeuce their overall energy consumption.

"Having an intelligent and secure workplace environment makes it so much easier for our employees to transition between office and home", says Pascal Weiss, Vice President of IT Information Systems.

NTT Data management also wanted a simple and optimized was to monitor the workplace with automated processes and tools.

This ambitious office transformation was a perfect challenge for Cisco Meraki and their extensive portfolio of successful workplace solutions. Because of Cisco Meraki's experience, they stood out as the very first choice.


The foundation of this next-gen employee experience comes from a variety of Cisco Meraki devices, including the Meraki MV smart cameras, the Meraki MR Wi-Fi 6 access points, and the Meraki MS switches. Cisco collaboration devices, such as the Cisco Desk Pro, Pro Board, Room Bar, and others were used for enhanced video conferencing. With the push of a button, employees can effortlessly collaborate with their colleagues working from home using Cisco Webex and it's seamless video calling capabilities.

The Meraki Dashboard provides management with central visibility, control, and allows NTT DATA to manage their operations and sustainable practices effortlessly.

"Our cloud-first approach using the Cisco Meraki cloud-managed devices generated more than 30% savings on our infrastructure hosting costs", says Png Kim-Meng, CEO.

A satisfaction survey completed after the complete office transformation found that 92% of employees were happy with the changes made. In January 2024, NTT DATA was named a Global Top Employer for 2024 by the Top Employers Institute.

"Working with Cisco has allowed us to remove 90% of our on-prem infrastructure … and we were able to optimize our operations and create a new collaboration experience. This is what the hybrid working experience is all about, and truly represents what the future of work should be", says Pascal Weiss.


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