Protect Your Workforce with Secure Access by Duo

By Casey Willis - March 8, 2023

Duo is a cloud-based software service that provides customers additional layers of security designed to protect access to proprietary and third party applications. Most applications only require a username and password prior to allowing a user to login. When protected with Duo, the username and password will first be verified on the customer/application side (or with the assistance of Duo-hosted SSO, depending on customer's settings) before triggering Duo’s two-factor workflow by requiring the user to take additional action before the login process can be completed (e.g. confirming login via Duo’s mobile app, SMS, phone call, or hardware token).

Customers can further check the security hygiene of user devices before granting access and block, notify, or restrict access for users with risky devices. Duo also allows customers to control which internal applications are accessible by different groups of users to limit exposure to sensitive information and enforce policies at an application level.

Keeping your users safe in a work-from-anywhere world starts with enforcing strong, multi-factor authentication before granting access to critical data. More than just checking users are who they say with a Push, passcode, phone, or biometric factor, the zero-trust toolset in your Duo admin panel helps to get visibility on the health of the devices and networks in the path of that user's access. With Duo, you can secure resilient, flexible authentication across your local- and cloud-hosted resources, set granular policy controls for access to fit your security model, and streamline the process of enrollment and daily login for users.

Secure Access by Duo helps you defend against the top credential theft tactics used by bad actors -- for every user, on every device, no matter where they are.

You can check out the Secure Access by Duo product page here.

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