Secure Access by Duo

Secure Access by Duo


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Cisco Secure Access by Duo

Duo’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Zero Trust for the Workforce solutions ensure only the right users and secure devices can access applications.

The explosion of cloud applications and mobility has expanded the concept of a perimeter security architecture. Users now require secure access to applications from anywhere on any device. A zero trust approach for the workforce ensures users and devices are trusted before granting them access. Duo’s Zero Trust for the Workforce solution offers three unique editions based on your business’ secure access needs:

Duo Essentials

Duo’s two-factor authentication (2FA) establishes trust in users’ identities and protects every user with a reliable, easy‑to‑use experience. Traditional 2FA can take months to deploy, requires professional services, and drives up total cost of ownership with ongoing management. Duo Essentials delivers speed‑to‑security and lower costs with a faster, cloud‑based deployment, as well as simplified authentication for users and admins with quick, push notification-based approvals with support for smartphones, smartwatches and U2F tokens.

Duo Essentials is easy to deploy, scales up to meet the needs of even the most diverse user base, and delivers device insights summarizing the security posture of your devices. Duo Essentials also comes with single sign-on (SSO) for cloud applications. With SSO, users can find and access all their cloud applications from a single portal.

Duo Advantage

Cisco Duo Advantage takes everything in Duo Essentials and supercharges it. It delivers Unified Device Visibility, an admin dashboard that includes all corporate-owned and bring your own devices (BYOD) in your environment.

Duo Advantage packs intelligence to check devices for secure, up-to-date software, enabled security settings and location and network data. You can set policies that allow or restrict access to applications based on individual users and groups, location, network data, device security posture and other contextual information. Duo Advantage gives admins the ability to define the specific conditions under which users can access applications, to secure BYOD environments and to encourage users to update their device software. It’s complete visibility without the need for agents.

Duo Premier

Duo Premier empowers you to base application access decisions on the trust established in user identities and the trustworthiness of their devices, instead of the networks from where access originates. It combines everything available in Duo Advantage plus the ability to differentiate between corporate and employee-owned devices and control which devices can access which applications based on the trustworthiness of the device and the identity of the user requesting access. Duo Premier allows admins to publish internal applications on the internet. Users are able to access on-premises and cloud applications from a single dashboard. Admins can develop specific controls for BYO devices to ensure only secure and trusted devices can access internal and cloud applications.

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