Simplify Security Operations with Cisco XDR

By Casey Willis - November 29, 2023

Designed by security practitioners for security practitioners, Cisco XDR is changing the way security teams are looking at detection/response. Their cloud-based solution is designed to simplify security and empower security teams to detect, manage, and respond to even the most sophisticated of threats. Cisco XDR connects with the broader Cisco security portfolio and select third-party offerings, and is one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market.

Cisco XDR helps analysts correlate data from many different sources into a single, unified view to aid in investigations. This will reduce the number of false positives, prioritize alerts, and greatly reduce the time from detection to response.

Built-in automation, orchestration, and guided remediation recommendations help analysts mitigate threats and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time and resources to focus on other important security tasks.

The data-driven Cisco XDR approach will strengthening the organization’s overall security posture, allowing your team to identify the most impactful events and focus remediation strategies there first.

Avoid Blind Spots With Unified Visibility

Have the visibility you need to identify threats from across network, cloud, endpoint, email, and applications for effective security across multi-vendor, multi-vector environment. By correlating data from multiple disparate detection technologies into a unified view, Cisco XDR enables faster, more simplified investigations to streamline responses.

Focus On What Truly Matters With Accelerated Threat Detection and Response

Correlate detections across multiple sources to prioritize threats by greatest to lowest risk. By leveraging AI and machine learning, Cisco XDR enables high-fidelity correlated detection, reduces clutter, and effectively aligns security risk with business risk.

Minimize Impact With Automatic Responses and Evidence Backed Recommendations

Cisco XDR uses automation and guided response recommendations to remediate threats confidently across all relevant control points. By compressing investigation time and accelerating responses, Cisco XDR levels-up SOC teams to build resilience.

Deliver comprehensive threat detection and response actions with data-backed insights

Detect complex threats sooner

  • Cisco XDR offers the broadest range of built-in integrations across endpoint, email, network, cloud, firewall and more, as well as select third-party integrations for the most flexible, scalable and effective XDR strategy.
  • Leverage telemetry from on-prem networks and public and private clouds to detect threats on managed and unmanaged devices and gain critical context when correlating events, including where attacks start and how they spread through the network.
  • Talos threat intelligence strengthens detection capabilities, so analysts gain an unrivaled collection of actionable information to expose known and emerging threats with deeper context and awareness of real-world threat behavior.

Prioritize Threats By Impact, Act On What Matters Most

  • Risk-based prioritization helps SOC analysts focus on the alerts that pose the greatest threat, allowing them to take rapid and effective action. This unique approach provides a unified view of alerts, prioritized by real-world severity.
  • Reduce the Mean Time To Respond (MTTR) with guided responses for identification, containment, eradication and recovery. That, combined with embedded response actions enable consistent, effective decision-making.
  • Simplify and compress investigation times with unified context and progressive disclosure techniques. Cisco XDR shows analysts the information they need without inundating them with extraneous data leading to analysis paralysis. If needed, more information to enrich investigations is always just a click away.

Accelerate Your Response Time

  • Rapidly remediate threats with built-in response actions and orchestration. With Cisco XDR, SOC teams can leverage a range of pre-built and customizable orchestration workbooks to help shut down threats and mitigate risk with just a few clicks.
  • Boost limited resources for maximum value by automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks and providing SOC teams with out-of-the-box best practices. When automation is not suitable, Cisco XDR provides guided response suggestions and recommendations to help SOC analysts take effective response actions.
  • Quickly push response actions across a broad range of security tools through deep integrations with varying security control points, both built-in Cisco solutions and third-party. Take a proactive role in threat hunting by surveying across disparate alert logs as you learn of new tactics, techniques and indicators of compromise.

Delivering XDR to meet you where you are


Cisco XDR is available in three License tiers:

  • Cisco XDR Essentials delivers the full XDR features and integrates across the Cisco Security portfolio.
  • Cisco XDR Advantage builds upon the capabilities delivered in Essentials by adding Cisco-curated integrations with select third-party security tools.
  • Cisco XDR Premier delivers the full Advantage capabilities as a Managed Service provided by Cisco security experts, and includes security validation through penetration testing, Cisco Talos Incident Response services, and Cisco Technical Security Assessment services.

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