Take Control Of Your Environment with Meraki Environmental Sensors

By Casey Willis - October 26, 2023

The Meraki MT sensor family intelligently monitors any environment to help any organizations build a smarter, more sustainable future. Check out the latest animated video from Rhino Networks to learn more about it!

The Meraki MT sensor family intelligently monitors indoor environments to help organizations build a smarter, more sustainable future. With MT sensors, IT, facilities, and operations teams can minimize business disruptions, reduce unnecessary costs, maximize resources, and improve employee/customer experiences.

Environmental monitoring is more than just collecting sensor data. The real value comes from using data to proactively address issues before they begin or maximize resources to increase efficiency. For example, a leak in a water pipe above the data center, unusual power anomalies in connected devices, or high levels of CO2 in a classroom can all be monitored and acted upon before equipment fails or people suffer. The MT sensor product family is designed to provide this rich contextual insight to help you prepare today for the unseen challenges of tomorrow.

The Meraki dashboard automatically creates sensor-specific visualizations to help you monitor your environments, understand trends, and detect anomalies. The visualizations show sensor data spanning the last two hours, last day, last week, last 30 days, or a custom range during the previous year. Sensor status information can also be overlaid on top of a map and floor plan view to quickly identify areas of concern. Data can be exported directly from the dashboard in the form of .xls or .csv for offline analysis or record keeping. The Meraki dashboard also has a separate reports feature that automatically compares sensor data from week to week, highlighting statistics and alert trends from the most active sensors.

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