How To Replace An Existing Meraki MX Device

By Casey Willis - March 1, 2023


Today, we are going to be looking at how to quickly replace an existing MX device with a different MX.

This tutorial will assume that you want to leave the new MX in the same Dashboard network as the original MX. This means that the new MX will retain all the previous client tracking data and a new network doesn't have to be created.

The first step is to remove the old MX from the current network. Since a Dashboard network can only contain one MX at a time, we need to make room for the new MX.

To remove the existing MX, navigate to the Security & SD-WAN tab, and under the Monitor section, click Appliance Status.



Once the Appliance Status page loads, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Remove Appliance From Network button (you will be prompted to confirm your decision).

Once the original MX is removed, there is now space in the network for the replacement. We will now add the replacement MX to the same network.

First, we need to select the network that we want the device added to. Navigate to the Network-Wide tab, and under the configure section, we are going to click on Add Devices.



If you have a lot of devices connected to this network, you can use the search bar at the top to help narrow the results down. You can use this to search by model or serial number.

Check the box next to the device that should be added.

Finally, click the Add Devices button at the bottom.

After the replacement MX has been added to the network, it still needs to properly check in to the Dashboard to pull a configuration and perform any updates that it might need. Until the replacement is physically in place and has fully checked in, it will not be able to serve clients on the network.

Because the new MX will be running an exact copy of the original MX's configuration, all cables should be moved to the exact same ports as the old MX.

Once this has been completed and the new MX is fully checked in, it should now be functioning on the network with the same configuration as the original.

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