New Rhino Tutorials: 30-Second Rhino References

By Casey Willis - February 8, 2023

Sometimes, when you are looking for a tutorial video, you don't feel like watching something that over-explains the issue you are facing; you want to get to the answer right away!

Rhino Networks has added a new type of tutorial to their growing library of helpful videos: 30-Second Rhino References.

These quick, 30-second videos are aimed at getting you the information you are looking for as fast as possible. Here are a few examples of what we have available so far:

This first tutorial teaches you how to quickly configure DNS to direct traffic from your network to the Cisco Umbrella global network.

This second tutorial quickly shows you where the MX Live Tools are located within the Meraki Dashboard and a quick explanation of some of the more useful tools.

Do you have an idea for a future Rhino Reference video? Please reach out today and let us know!

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