Customer Success Story: ESBO Logistics

By Casey Willis - February 15, 2023

The Challenge

ESBO Logistics operates as a multi-client logistics provider, utilizing over 65,000 square meters of storage space across two logistic centers. Its customer base spans various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, industry, and commerce.

To ensure the seamless operation of its entire company and equip its clients with the ability to address future market challenges, ESBO Logistics underwent a network infrastructure overhaul. The goal was to establish the appropriate architecture and solutions needed to meet its objectives.

As part of its expansion efforts, ESBO Logistics also implemented an automated vertical warehouse. With metal racks reaching over 11 meters in height and 60,000 product storage bins, the warehouse boasts close to 250,000 stock locations. This posed a challenge to wireless coverage, which was also addressed.

The Solution

In order to meet the new challenges posed by both e-commerce and logistics, ESBO needed to have an up-to-date, robust, flexible, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure. It needed an infrastructure that would provide the foundation to adopt new advanced logistics solutions that would also be simple to manage.

ESBO wanted to pursue the latest technology and innovation. This led the company to consider implementing new robotic technologies to automate the warehousing and distribution processes.

“We have an obligation to ensure our systems are secure and don’t fail at any time. We are very aware that our work is vital for our customers’ businesses. We cannot afford for it to stop, which is why we are working with Cisco and Cisco Meraki,” says Joan Gormedino, ESBO’s Director of People, Quality, and Compliance.

The Results

In 2017, ESBO decided to change the entire network infrastructure by implementing a Cisco Meraki full-stack network solution. This solution provides the connectivity needed to support the demands of an ever-growing market in an environment such as logistics services that is driven by e-commerce and changing consumer habits.

This renovation required a redundant infrastructure linking the company’s headquarters to the two warehouses via SD-WAN. With this, ESBO guaranteed seamless connectivity with zero downtime, offering the maximum quality of service for all applications as well as global management through a single centralized control panel managed from the cloud.

“Meraki’s infrastructure has allowed us to implement state-of-the-art robotic technology to automate the warehousing and distribution processes without any capacity or service problems,” acknowledges Joan Gormedino. “We have a fleet of robots working 24 hours a day, capable of moving in three dimensions, reaching any point on the shelves and accessing all the containers. We can now prepare orders accurately and on time, which means optimizing resources, both in terms of preparation and space. With these robots, we can handle more than 6,000 orders per day. The robots have also helped us reduce space by 50%, and we have achieved energy savings of 70% as an alternative to other technologies.”


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