Which Cisco Umbrella Package Is Right For You?

By Casey Willis - July 20, 2022

As threats rise in sophistication, the cost to identify, detect, and block these threats rise too.

Thankfully, Cisco Umbrella has your back.

As a leading provider of recursive DNS services, Cisco Umbrella has helped businesses of all sizes connect to the internet with confidence. With more than 100 million business and consumer users, Cisco Umbrella delivers the most secure, reliable, and fastest internet experience daily. Backed by Cisco Talos, one of the largest threat intelligence teams in the world, Umbrella exposes threats for better investigation and response.

So, which Umbrella security package is right for you?

The basic package available is Umbrella DNS Security Essentials.

This package includes DNS layer security capabilities to block malicious domains, protecting you against threats on and off the corporate network. You can easily manage your user's internet access with over 85+ category-based content filters, and you can see all cloud apps in use, blocking the risky ones based on domain.

If you are looking for additional web security and greater context for incident investigations, the DNS Security Advantage package offers everything you get from Essentials and more.

With the Advantage package, you can block direct to IP connections that bypass DNS, and proxy web requests for risky domains to inspect URL and file reputation. This also package includes the Umbrella Investigate Console and API, giving you real-time threat intelligence.

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