Customer Success Story: DB Schenker

By Casey Willis - June 22, 2022

The Challenge

DB Schenker is a third-party global logistics and supply chain management solutions provider with a regional logistics hub located in Singapore. They have over 750 warehouses across 50 countries and transport over 1 million tons of air freight in a single year. Because of their many different locations and growing business, they were looking for a way to simplify and streamline their network management. With their old setup, troubleshooting often proved to be a time consuming process for the employees.

The large volume of air freight shipments that move through just their Singapore location alone requires an accurate overview of location and movement at any particular point in time. On top of that, the Covid-19 Pandemic has brought about the need for close monitoring to ensure that safe social distancing measures are being adhered to in the warehouse.

Before Cisco Meraki stepped in to help, DB Schenker's legacy equipment, such as Wi-Fi access points and network switches, operated in silos, making troubleshooting a time-consuming process that involved having to log in to a number of separate systems.

The Solution

DB Schenker and Cisco were already in fact mutual customers - DB Schenker provides logistics for Cisco while Cisco Meraki provides DB Schenker with a cloud-managed IT solution for warehouse management through the Meraki platform.

DB Schenker needed an integrated solution that would centralize the management of the warehouse system and make monitoring and troubleshooting easier. This process involved implementing Meraki Wi-Fi access points (MR), switches (MS), and security appliances (MX) in 90% of DB Schenker's Singapore warehouses.

With their new solution in place, everything is now centralized and can be configured and monitored from a single dashboard. The IT team can log in at anytime, anywhere, on a computer or phone, via the Meraki App. The Meraki solutions simplified warehouse monitoring and significantly reduced troubleshooting time.

"We require 60% fewer resources, and we’ve been able to redivert all those extra resources to other areas of operations," says Lim Han Yong, Global Infrastructure Services Country Head.

DB Schenker plans to incorporate more Meraki solutions in the future. For example, implementing Meraki smart cameras and sensors in their warehouses will help enhance the safety of their staff and security of their locations. DB Schenker sees Meraki as its global partner for network infrastructure, and as such, plans to implement its network in all its warehouses in Asia Pacific and eventually, globally.


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