Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense

Cisco Secure Email Threat Defense


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Advanced threat detection capabilities to protect against the most advanced and pervasive threats

Moving email to the cloud provides convenience and scalability, but it could also bring an increased risk of account takeovers, business email compromise and malware infection. You need a cloud-focused email security solution that fortifies your Microsoft 365 environment, is simple to deploy, and fully protects your organization.

Secure Email Threat Defense provides the most comprehensive protection against damaging and costly email threats that compromise your organization’s brand and operations.

Powered by unique artificial intelligence and machine learning models, including natural language processing, its advanced threat detection systems leverage multiple detection engines that simultaneously evaluate different portions of an incoming email to uncover known, emerging, and targeted threats.

It identifies malicious techniques used in attacks targeting your organization, derives unparalleled context for specific business risks, provides searchable threat telemetry, and categorizes threats to understand which parts of your organization are most vulnerable to attack. Superior threat intelligence from Talos™ provides broader and deeper threat data that informs better and faster decision making.


●     Uncover known, emerging and targeted threats with advanced threat detection capabilities

●     Identify malicious techniques and gain context for specific business risks

●     Rapidly search for dangerous threats and remediate them in real time

●     Utilize searchable threat telemetry to categorize threats and understand which parts of your organization are most vulnerable to attack


A critical component of your extended detection and response strategy

Powerful search capabilities provide quick access to message details that empower more informed responses. Remediating threats directly in Secure Email Threat Defense or through Cisco XDR streamlines processes and saves valuable time.

As a key component of the User Protection Suite and Breach Protection Suite and an important part of a strategic XDR strategy, Secure Email defends against critical threats with industry-leading threat intelligence, advanced threat detection capabilities and vital telemetry that informs strategic threat protection. In combination with numerous third-party integration partners and the larger Cisco Secure portfolio of products, this provides the visibility, efficiency, simplicity and telemetry that empower your team to act quickly.

Secure Email Threat Defense provides expansive email security to protect your employees and organization, while empowering your security response.

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