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Meraki MV Sense for Meraki Smart Cameras

With an integrated mobile-grade processor on each MV device*, Meraki smart cameras have revolutionized the security camera and video analytics world. Servers and complex software are no longer requirements to benefit from the wealth of analytics insights that can be gleaned through computer vision and machine learning technologies. Processing video data on the camera, and not in the cloud, also reduces the time required to produce these insights.

MV Sense is the perfect companion to the Meraki smart camera line*, allowing users to further utilize the MV machine-learningbased computer vision outputs via API to create custom business solutions. From an individual camera all the way up to a global fleet, MV Sense supplies organizations and developers with processed, high-value data and insights with no additional infrastructure requirements.


The MV Sense API allows developers to access three types of rich data insights:

Historical aggregate: How many people were in a given area at a specified time, and where exactly were they in the frame?

Current snapshot: How many people are in a given area right now, and where exactly are they in the frame?

Real-time feed: A stream of the number of people and their exact location in a frame, pushed out in sub-second intervals


Additionally, the ability to define zones as specific areas of interest coupled with these three types of endpoints gives users selective granularity and customizability: two shopping queues in a single camera frame can be defined and analyzed as such with MV Sense.

From streamlining an operation, to creating a richer customer experience, to making a safe school even safer, and everything in between, MV Sense allows users to utilize their security camera deployment for more than just security. Meraki smart cameras coupled with MV Sense unleash the power of cameras as sensors.

* Second generation and later (indicated by a model number that ends in -2)

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