Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox


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Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox is a cloud native solution leveraging superior threat intelligence from Cisco, an API enabled architecture for faster response times, complete email visibility including internal emails, a conversation view for better contextual information, and tools for auto or manual remediation of threats lurking in Microsoft 365 mailboxes.

Mailboxes shift to the cloud

The migration of email infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud has accelerated to the extent that by 2021, 70% of public and private organizations will use cloud email services (Gartner, Market Guide for Email Security, 2019.) Microsoft 365 is the predominant office suite. Because email is vulnerable to advanced threats, Gartner recommends adding cloud email supplemental security to protect cloud mailboxes with layered security and diversified threat intelligence. Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox–integrated email security for Microsoft 365, protects your organization against the number one threat vector: Email.

Why choose Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox?

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox addresses potential gaps in Microsoft 365 email security by leveraging proven Cisco email security technology to block spam and advanced email threats like ransomware, business email compromise, and phishing attacks.

Augment native Microsoft 365 security

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox adds an additional layer of security to native Microsoft 365 email security by using industry-leading threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, AMP, and Threat Grid–including vast cross-vector threat intelligence from web, network, and endpoint-based sources.

Protect against sophisticated and targeted attacks

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox protects against phishing, business email compromise, and account takeover attacks by continuously analyzing emails entering or leaving mailboxes. A security layer that is always ON and remediating threats irrespective of the timeline of identification.

Configure and deploy instantly

Cisco Secure Email Cloud Mailbox exemplifies simplicity. Protection is activated with an easy one-time configuration without any changes to mail exchanger (MX) records. This avoids any risk associated with altering mail flow and adds no latency to mail delivery. The solution can:

●      Conduct instant Proof of Value (PoV) with a quick setup wizard

●      Monitor Microsoft 365 mailboxes in audit mode, or remediate threats with enforcement mode

●      Be fully configured in less than 5 minutes

●      Convert a Proof-of-Value (PoV) to production deployment instantly

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