Meraki MT12 Indoor Water Leak Sensor



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Meraki MT12 Indoor Water Leak Sensor

IT infrastructure forms the backbone of any business. Protecting this critical equipment from dangerous environmental conditions is key to minimizing business interruptions and downtime. The Cisco Meraki MT12 water leak detection sensor can detect the presence of as little as a teaspoon of water with either an 8 ft (2.4 m) sensor cable or spot leak detection cradle to ensure safe operating conditions.

Once in place, MT12 will continuously monitor your environment. If your HVAC system malfunctions and starts leaking or your facility pipes freeze and burst, MT12 is there. Create customized alerts that notify you of changing conditions so you can take action and prevent network outages, premature equipment failure, downtime, or product loss.

Product highlights

• Simple to set up and deploy; scales easily
• Automatically connects to MR/MV devices in the network (contact us to confirm compatibility with your specific MR/MV model)
• Cloud-managed, bringing the magic of the Meraki platform to the IoT sensor world
• Meraki cloud dashboard eliminates the need for on-premises servers
• Flexible alerting with email, SMS, and push notifications
• Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
• Trust Anchor module (TAm) securely authenticates the device and encrypts all communications
• Five-year battery life with two (2) user-replaceable AA batteries
• Optional AC-to-USB-C power adapter
• Advanced telemetry data for smarter decision-making
• APIs and webhook alerts for third-party alerting and data analysis
• Vast ecosystem partner community building apps on top of the Meraki platform

MA-CBL-LEAK-1 and MA-CBL-LEAK-2 are sold separately, but at least one is required for operation.


License Details

All Meraki products use the Meraki cloud for centralized management and control. The Meraki cloud is licensed on a “per device, per year” basis and is required for each device to operate. Licensing options may differ between products.

In addition to Meraki Cloud Access; license features include:

  • Lifetime* hardware warranty and advanced overnight replacement at no additional cost
  • Frequent Security and Firmware Upgrades
  • 24 x 7 Cisco Meraki Support

For further assistance or questions, please call 1-855-462-9434 to speak with a Rhino Networks Cisco Meraki Specialist.

*Excluding accessories (1YR), outdoor access points (1YR), security cameras (3YR or 5YR depending on model) and environmental sensors (3YR).


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