Meraki Per Device SD-WAN Plus License (Large)

Meraki Per Device SD-WAN Plus License


WAS $2,129.43 - SAVE $681.42

Per Device SD-WAN+ License

This new license type will bring SDW+ license on a per-network basis for organizations on the Coterm Licensing model with Advanced Security Licensing (per device license model is not supported by this upgrade license option). Customers can now purchase the appropriate license type and assign them to the respective network to get all SD-WAN features on a per-network basis. The terms available are 1, 3 and 5 years only. 

  • Large license version is compatible with MX95, MX100, MX105

The following table provides a list of major MX features and their required license edition:



Advanced Security

Secure SD-WAN Plus 

Centralized management

Zero-touch firmware updates

True zero-touch provisioning

24x7 enterprise support

Open APIs

Automatic WAN failover

Sub-second site-to-site VPN failover

Sub-second dynamic path selection

Stateful firewall

VLAN to VLAN routing

Advanced Routing

Link bonding/failover

3G / 4G cellular failover

Traffic shaping/prioritization

Site-to-site VPN

Client VPN

MPLS to VPN Failover

Splash pages

Configuration templates

Group Policies

Client connectivity alerts

Essential SD-WAN

Source-Based Routing

Local Breakout (IP based)

Geography based firewall rules


Intrusion detection & prevention


Content filtering


Youtube for Schools


Web Search Filtering


Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)


Umbrella DNS Integration**


Threat Grid Integration**


Web App Health Analytics


WAN Health Analytics


VoIP Health Analytics


Smart breakout


**Requires a separate license

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