Meraki Replacement Mounting Kit for MR42/MR42E

Meraki Replacement Mounting Kit For MR42/MR42E

This product was discontinued by Meraki on February 19, 2024. Please feel contact us at 1-855-462-9434 or via email to discuss further. 

Meraki Replacement Mounting Kit for MR42/MR42E

This kit provides replacement mounting accessories for Cisco Meraki MR42 and MR42E access points, and can be used to mount to most 9/16”, 15/16” or 1 ½” T-rails. The kit contains a replacement mount plate, drop ceiling clips with set screws, two 6-32x4mm (flush T-rail) screws, two 6-32x7mm screws (recessed T-rail), two rubber spacers, two wall screws and anchors, security screws and a security screw tool that can be used to secure the access point to the mount plate (engaging the security screw prevents accidental dislodging and theft).

  • Certified for use with MR42 access points

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