Meraki Replacement Mounting Kit for MR32

Meraki Replacement Mounting Kit For MR32

This product was discontinued by Meraki on February 19, 2024. Please contact us at 1-855-462-9434 or via email to discuss further. 

Meraki Replacement Mounting Kit for MR32

This kit provides replacement mounting accessories for Cisco Meraki MR32 access points, and can be used to mount to most 9/16”, 15/16” or 1 ½” T-rails. The kit contains a replacement mount plate, drop ceiling clips with set screws, two 6-32x4mm (flush T-rail) screws, two 6-32x7mm screws (recessed T-rail), two rubber spacers, two wall screws and anchors, security screws and a security screw tool that can be used to secure the access point to the mount plate (engaging the security screw prevents accidental dislodging and theft).

  • Certified for use with MR32 access points

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