License Renewal

Our expertly trained staff strives to ensure the accuracy of each order we receive.

In order for us to ensure that you are receiving the correct licenses for your devices, please log in to your Meraki dashboard and review the details of the Organization > License Info page, as shown below. You may notice, some licenses are specific to a model number while others simply show the device type (example MV, MR, MT). That is because certain Meraki products simply use a license for any device within that series and do not have a model specific license. For example, an MR28 and an MR86 will use the same "MR license" (ex. LIC-ENT-5YR). Once you have the information below, feel free to reach out to our team for assistance with purchasing your renewal licenses, or simply place your order on if you are confident that you are purchasing the correct licenses. 

*This image reflects dashboards utilizing the default "Co-termination" license model. Information about the optional "Per Device Licensing" model can be found lower on this page.

Please note that if you do not have access to your Meraki dashboard and are unable to confirm this information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of your order and you will not be able to claim the license key once received. To protect the privacy of customers, Meraki support does not have the ability to modify or add administrators to a dashboard account. Therefore, if you do not have access to your account, only a current administrator with full organization level access to your account will be able to add or remove users. 

While most orders placed with us during normal business hours are processed by our dedicated orders team moments after being received, the average turnaround time for license renewal orders placed before 11am EST is 1-3 business days and will be sent via email from [email protected] with the subject "Your Meraki order has shipped". No physical products are shipped for license only orders and this email will contain the license key which you will need to claim under the same Organization > License Info page. After clicking "Add another license", be sure to select "Renew my dashboard license" from the operation drop down menu. You will have an opportunity to confirm the accuracy of the renewal license against your current device list once you click the "Add license" button. 

Add License

Dashboard administrators will start receiving notification emails 90-days in advance of your license expiration. If your network is offline due to  license expiration, please contact us directly for personal assistance. 

For additional information and policies regarding Meraki dashboard licenses using the default co-termination licensing model, please view their Co-Termination Licensing Overview page here:

For additional information about Meraki's optional "Per Device Licensing" model, please view their Per-Device Licensing Overview here:

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