Meraki Go Subscription - 5 year



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Meraki Go Subscription

Meraki Go is WiFi built for businesses. With Meraki Go, you can easily add multiple WiFi networks so that staff, guests, and point-of-sale devices can securely share a single internet connection. Set up blocked websites to protect your network, and easily limit usage of certain applications to prioritize your business-critical applications. Within the Meraki Go smartphone app, setup is quick and troubleshooting is easy with guided setup and network alerts.


Built-In Benefits

• Web Blocking - Block websites that should not be on your network, both for increased security and protection.

• Usage Limits - Limit data-heavy applications on your network to prioritize the ones that truly matter.

• Network Notifications - Receive emails if your network ever goes offline.

• Multiple WiFi Networks - Set a network up for your staff and one for your guests to increase security.

• High Usage Device Categorization - Notice right away if there are any high usage devices hogging up your network.

• Check In From Anywhere  - Manage your network from the Meraki Go app, anywhere in the world.



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